Responsible Gaming

Casino games are exciting and fun forms of entertainment that must be treated with respect. Catawba Two Kings Casino is dedicated to providing a safe and responsible gaming facility for its guests. We communicate a responsible gaming message daily to our guests both verbally and in printed mediums throughout our facility. Every piece of advertising refers to The National Council for Problem Gambling hotline (800) 522-4700. Our promise is carried out on the gaming floor with a program for guests to self-limit their access by simply filling out a form. We also refuse to cash paychecks, social security checks and government assistance checks. We stringently keep minors out of the facility by asking young guests for valid identification and refusing those under the legal age of 21.

Catawba Two Kings Casino Self-Exclusion Program

The self-exclusion program was established to allow people who may have a gambling problem to voluntarily exclude themselves from Catawba Two Kings Casino for a period of one (1) year, five (5) years or permanently. Please be aware that no one other than the individual can request to be on the self-exclusion list. Placement on the list is voluntary and must be done by the guest seeking exclusion.

Self-exclusion forms information and applications are available by using one of the following methods:

  1. Ask in person by speaking to any Player Rewards Representative or any Security Officer
  2. Download the form (pdf)

For forms obtained via this site, completed paperwork may be returned in person to the Security office. In the case of returning by mail, a current photo of the individual must be included and a notary public must sign the form attesting that the picture of the person included and the signature on the form is the person submitting the request.

Completed forms can then be mailed to:

Security Department
Catawba Two Kings Casino
538 Kings Mountain Blvd.
Kings Mountain, NC 28086

When submitting the form in person, valid government issued photo ID must be presented and you will be photographed. The photo and other identifying information will be maintained in a database to assist with enforcement with your request.

Self-excluded individuals are removed from all mailing lists and are not able to receive complimentary goods or services, or participate in promotions. If a self-excluded patron is found in the gaming facility following their exclusion request, they may be subject to arrest and prosecution under all applicable laws, including trespass. Self-excluded individuals found playing will have any winnings subject to forfeiture.

If you feel that you or someone you care about may have a gambling problem, further assistance is available from the following:

The National Council on Problem Gambling - or by calling (800) 522-4700.