How To Bet

Sports Betting Basics

If you’re new to sports betting, we can help you get the hang of some fundamentals and terms.

The most popular ways to bet are using “point spread” or with the outcome on the “money line.” Your bankroll is the starting amount you have to bet with — a good rule is to risk only what you can afford to lose.

A flat-betting approach means betting the same amount on every game and risking only 1–5% of your bankroll per play. You won’t lose your entire bankroll when doing poorly, and you could get a positive return on investment when doing well. Keep in mind, the sports betting market is fluid. Throughout the day, odds are adjusted depending on the action coming in, injuries, weather, and other factors.

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Betting Terminology

Point Spread | The odds of a team winning or losing by a certain margin. Example: Buffalo -7 (favorite) vs. Miami +7 (underdog).

Money Line | The odds of a team winning the game outright. Example: Toronto -240 (bet $240 to win $100) vs. Boston +300 (bet $100 to win $300).

Total (over/under) | A bet over or under the total number of points scored by both teams.

Straight Bet | When you bet on the spread, money line, or total of a single game.

Parlay | Combining two or more point spread, money line, or total bets. A parlay means a bigger payout — but only if you win them all.

Round Robin | Bet on all parlay combinations of three teams with a single click.

Future Bet | Your bet will be determined at a future time. Make your predictions and keep the anticipation going all season.