Big Game Squares

Thursdays in January | 5pm - 11pm

Play for a chance to win $200 in Free Play and a spot on our Big Game Squares board. 100 lucky winners will pick a square and on Saturday, February 10 we will pull numbers that correspond to the Big Game on February 11. The numbers pulled will represent the score of the two teams at the end of each quarter.

First, second and third quarter winners get $1,000 in Free Play.

Fourth quarter winner receives $2,500 in cash!

If the game goes into overtime, the winner in overtime will get $1,000 in Free Play. If the game ends after the fourth quarter, no additional overtime prize will be awarded. Finale winners do not need to be present to win. Winners will be contacted via phone and email. Finale winners will have seven days to claim their prize at the Lucky North® Club.